Here’s your foolproof checklist for selecting the best construction ERP

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Blog posted by : Admin / 18 Jun, 2018

Here’s your foolproof checklist for selecting the best construction ERP

To have or not to have an ERP is definitely not the question anymore. More so, in the construction industry, which faces unique challenges in terms of government regulations, labor management, unpredictable expenses during project completion, and more. Over the years, we have seen so many successful examples of how construction ERP systems have addressed these challenges, which have completely tilted the scales in favor of the solution. While an ERP software as a must-have is a well-established fact, a more important (and complex) discussion is how to choose the best ERP system for your construction business. Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available, check out these handy tips to select the right ERP platform:

1. One-size-doesn’t fit all:  Make sure that the ERP software you choose is tailored to address the unique pain-points of the construction industry. The business issues faced by construction businesses are very different from other industries. Choose the ERP solution that has built-in modules for financial management, inventory control, budget, planning, tender management, and other integral day-to-day processes. Also, remember that it is equally important for the construction ERP solution to be user friendly. No amount of automation will help until it is being used by the entire value chain in an organization. So, firstly and foremostly, the ERP solution should be able to put everybody, right from an operator to C-level executive, on-board.

2. Mobile Capability: Many research reports have time and again indicated that employees are preferring to access business data on the move. This especially holds true for top management as they are mostly on the road between meetings. They prefer all-time access to data to be more productive and avoid delays in making business-critical decisions. While selecting the right construction ERP system for your business, make sure that you shortlist only those platforms that work seamlessly across all devices right from desktop to mobile. As we look ahead, the number of devices that need to sync with ERP are only set to increase. Choose a provider that is future-ready and tech-savvy enough to evolve the product to keep up with the advances in technology.

3. Real-Time Insights: Traditionally, managing resources, including equipment and labor, has been a key business challenge for the construction firms. Advanced construction ERP systems not only give an instant access to all the data related to resources, but also empower businesses with real-time ability to forecast inventory and material needs. These valuable insights help firms plan better and reduce over expenditure.

4. Successful Implementations: After following the above steps, you must have substantially narrowed down your options. Now, to choose the best ERP for your construction business, you must analyze the client list and successful implementations of the provider. More success rate in the construction business clearly means that the ERP provider is well-aware of the typical requirements of the industry and geared up to meet them. Lastly, it is essential that you clearly communicate your expectations and primary objectives to your ERP provider before embarking on the journey. Once implemented successfully, Construction ERP software has the potential to take your business to greater heights and give a powerful competitive edge.

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