CRM WhatsApp Integration: The Most Effective Way to Boost Customer Engagement

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Blog posted by : Admin / 12 May, 2023


Reaching customers through multiple channels may not yield a high response if the most popular channel is not included in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. You must be where your customer is. Cross-platform instant messaging apps are the perfect addition to your CRM software to reach your customers and prospects in the most efficient manner.


Your sales and marketing strategy is incomplete without CRM WhatsApp integration. The messaging app has over 2 billion users in over 180 countries. While the open rates for traditional marketing channels such as e-mail and SMS are dropping, WhatsApp maintains impressive open and conversion rates of 98% and 45-60% respectively (AiSensy). On an average a user spends more than half an hour on the app, daily (WhatsApp).



This blog will act as a complete guide to integrating the messaging app to a CRM system and will answer the following questions:


  • Why do users prefer WhatsApp for customer service?

  • Why should you integrate it with your CRM software?

  • How can you maximize engagement through WhatsApp CRM?

  • What are its advantages?

  • How to integrate WhatsApp Business with CRM?



WhatsApp Business for Seamless Customer Experience


With its gaining popularity, WhatsApp is gradually becoming the user-preferred platform to instantly interact with businesses. A YouGov survey suggests that users prefer the messaging app for the following reasons.


  1. Queries are answered faster: Customers neither have to raise any service tickets nor do they need to wait in long queues for an agent to be assigned.

  2. Not limited to the business’ working hours: Some businesses on WhatsApp answer even after business hours, providing instant resolution without the customer being bound to the working hours.

  3. The in-store experience: Sharing of media files such as images and videos, coupled with video calling allows businesses to provide customers with a view of the product in real-time.



While the messaging app is free, it may suffice small businesses but medium and large-sized organizations may need WhatsApp API Business for its growing customers and a wider reach. According to the brand, approximately 1.5 crore Indian businesses use WhatsApp Business!



Why Integrate WhatsApp API with CRM Software?

  • Manage large customer database
  • Single centralized platform
  • Broadcast unlimited messages
  • Link multiple devices
  • Personalize bulk messages
  • Green tick establishes trust



Maximizing Engagement with CRM WhatsApp Integration


Through WhatsApp integration with CRM, organizations can not only send multiple types of messages to prospects and customers but also personalize them. It enhances the organization’s communication, eases the management of customer relations and enriches customer experience.


WhatsApp CRM opens the door to many ways in which the sales and marketing team can enhance engagement with prospective leads and customers.

  • Pre-defined text format messages with dynamic fields for personalization

  • Marketing campaigns with rich media and advertising messages

  • Regular updates or information about the latest offers

  • Reminder messages for payments or appointments

  • Instantly address queries with predefined responses or custom type your own

  • Bulk messaging campaigns can also be run simultaneously



Benefits of CRM WhatsApp Integration


The best way to connect with your audience is through a direct two-way communication channel. For every business, incorporating a popular instant messaging service into their CRM strategy, will deliver the best ROI.


Listed below are the top 5 advantages of WhatsApp integration with CRM:


  1. Centralized platform: With integration of the messaging app with the CRM system, users need to access a single platform for all communication and information about their leads and customers.

  2. Higher response rates: Higher response rates increase engagement by tapping into a channel which is readily available and preferred by your target audience. CRM WhatsApp integration also enhances communication across the sales and marketing teams, as well as vendors or channel partners.

  3. Instant resolution: Trigger-based messaging instantly generates predefined replies to commonly asked customer queries. It eliminates the time a customer or prospect would need to normally wait for an agent.

  4. Personalized messages: Based on insights generated by the CRM software, the sales and marketing teams can devise data-driven strategies and personalize their communication in accordance with the customer’s behaviors and preferences.

  5. Brand visibility: A benefit of communicating with your target audience on a popular app is that they are available on it most of the time, thus increasing visibility of your brand. It helps keep your brand at the top of your customers’ minds.


The best CRM with WhatsApp integration will enhance and streamline the acquired data to provide valuable insights. It is imperative to choose the right CRM software, especially one that is powered by Artificial Intelligence to fully optimize your WhatsApp marketing efforts.


For instance, Real Estate CRM will maintain a record of source-wise enquiries, update prospects about upcoming projects, track follow-up efforts, manage allocation and transfer of units, generate post-sale documents, visually display enquiry reports, performance metrics, lead conversions and deals done.



Things to Keep in Mind Before CRM WhatsApp Business Integration


Getting started with integrating a messaging app with a social CRM system is not difficult. The most important thing to figure out is getting a WhatsApp API for your business account. Follow the steps listed below to get your CRM WhatsApp-ready!


1. The process will require an API key, which can be acquired online through a service provider 474Once you have created an account by adding the relevant details, a specific URL will be generated

2. Add the URL containing the API key and other details, onto the CRM system

3. Now the WhatsApp CRM is ready to use

4. Understand messaging policies and laws

5. Explore the types of messages that can be sent

6. Plan out messaging campaigns

7. Get prospective leads to opt-in to your messages 

 Attach rich media files to WhatsApp messages, directly from the StrategicERP CRM software

Attach rich media files to WhatsApp messages, directly from the StrategicERP CRM software

8. Personalize messages by adding dynamic fields and attachments

9. Set up greetings, quick replies, broadcast messages and resolve queries


Using the standalone messaging application to communicate with your target audience can be limiting and difficult to manage when the in-flow of messages increases. The limitation on the number of messages that can be sent through the app, may lead to delayed responses and unsatisfied customers.


WhatsApp API integration is the perfect solution to easily manage a large audience, respond instantly with personalized information. The popularity of the platform ensures messages are being read by leads and customers, leading to more engagement and higher responses. A WhatsApp CRM solution is the perfect addition to boost your customer engagement efforts.

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