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Blog posted by : Admin / 20 Dec, 2019

This title probably steers one in the direction of thinking of Sales as a science. We, however, will be exploring a different path in this article. Sales has undoubtedly always been a science, as well as an art. But the matter we are going to explore here is something else entirely.

There is no disputing the fact that technology has forever revolutionised the business world. But is it possible that despite all the glory that has been attributed to technology, there are still areas it has gone unrecognised in?

Sales has constantly evolved with the business world forever. The idea of ‘how you sell’ being just as important as ‘what you sell’ is axiomatic in the modern business world. However, more and more salespeople are adopting a newer approach to Sales. Throughout the history of the business world, sound knowledge of technology has not been an area of interest for salespeople. Now, however, there is a change in the winds.

There is a shift happening in the way salespeople go about their business and there are multiple aspects to this shift. This shift can be perceived in the world of Real Estate and  Infrastructure as well. One aspect of this shift arises from the fact that technological literacy is not the same as what it used to be a decade ago or even a couple of years ago. The technological literacy of the average person is rising steadily every day, even more so in the case of the average business professional.

This surge in technological literacy has caused salespeople to employ a different strategy that involves using sound technological knowledge instead of Sales buzzwords. For a long time, Sales buzzwords were adequate to close a deal. But this has changed with the rapid growth of technological literacy. Salespeople have started to realise that as people become more aware of the technologies and their benefits, they are no longer interested in Sales buzzwords and do not get carried away with them. People expect a salesperson to talk to them with a sound knowledge of technology. Better aware customers have forced the smarter salespeople to move to a strategy that would get through to the technologically literate customer.

Another aspect of this shift lies in the way technology itself directly boosts sales. The tremendous advancements in technology contribute directly, as well as indirectly to higher sales. The impact of technology on boosting sales is immense.

Several technologies contribute to boosting sales. Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics enable lead analysis which helps identify the right clients to target and results in better conversion. Digital Media Integration provides insights into customer behaviour and enables the framing of effective marketing campaigns for better conversion. Cloud telephony and automation provide enhanced lead nurturing. With the power of IoT and data analytics, businesses can now optimise the utilisation of its sales teams, resulting in sales boost. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and real-time analytics facilitate better sales strategies for better sales. These are just some of the ways in which technology boosts sales.

Those who have realised the importance of the role of technology in sales have already started adopting this new way of selling and are enjoying a considerable edge over the others. It is becoming more and more imperative for businesses to understand the importance of technology in sales and modify sales strategies accordingly. Eventually, those who do not integrate technology into the foundations of their sales strategies will surely get left behind. 

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