Biometric Attendance Integration for Real Estate and construction ERP software

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Blog posted by : Admin / 22 Jan, 2019

Those days are over when HR in construction industry used to keep a manual attendance record of their employees. Excel spreadsheets may help the HR department to store only a small amount of data, but when it comes to employees attendance management, such traditional or outdated technology may not prevent the significant issue like time theft. In today's digital world, a feature like Bio metric Integration in construction ERP software is the new gateway for HR manager or supervisor to keep track of employees attendance. Biometric integration feature in construction ERP software has potential to calculate the actual working hours of employees. Biometric integration has caught the attention of today's construction developers as biometric systems are easy to use, easy to install and track attendance data of employees for management to use for analysis.

How does Biometric Integration Work?

Biometric integration system scans the fingerprints of employees to identify who is clocking in and clocking out of work each day. The moment employee puts the finger on the scanner, the biometric machine starts scanning the fingerprint and verifying it with the already recorded fingerprint in the system. Biometric system tries to match the fingerprint against what is recorded in the system from an employee. If the fingerprint of a particular employee has not been registered already, then he/she will not be able to use the biometric system to clock in and out of work every day.

Traits of Biometric integration in construction ERP which modernize employee attendance management.

Right Accuracy:

ERP for construction and infrastructure industry not only streamlines the employee attendance process but also maintains accuracy regarding attendance. Biometric system prevents employees from attempting unethical practices like time theft and buddy punching. It becomes easy for management to evaluate the actual efficiency of employees according to actual working hours. Management becomes confident about the growth of their organization as a whole.

Prevent Buddy Punching Practices:

Buddy punching occurs when a particular employee gets another employee to marks the attendance for them. This allows employees to add more working hours to their working hours for which they haven't actually worked. And the only way for the management to prevent buddy punching is by using a biometric system in ERP for construction. Biometric time clock requires employee presence at the time of clocking in and out of the work because the construction ERP software integrated with the biometric system captures the employee's fingerprints. An employee cannot clock in and out for another employee by pretending to be that employee.

Prevents Time Theft:

Time theft takes place when an employee accepts payment from the employer for the work that they haven't done. Since the employee seems to be present but is not actually present to work for the required output during his/her shift is considered as theft of time. It is impossible for the management to calculate the lost time by using traditional or outdated methods to manage employee time. Your organization can eliminate the issue of time theft by using the ERP for construction integrated with biometric integration.

Increase Productivity:

Your organization can maintain job satisfaction among employees by rewarding those employees who work extra hours than the specified working hours. The management can identify those employees with data from the biometric time clock. The organization can reward such employees by using accurate attendance information. Hence biometric system in ERP for construction and infrastructure industry act as a supporting factor for the organization to improve the productivity of employees.

Improve Employee Accountability:

Employees become less accountable and responsible for the time management when an organization takes the attendance process lightly. Poor attendance management affects the overall performance of employees, and in turn, it damages the profitability of an organization. Biometric system makes the employees aware of their actual working hours and clock in & out time. Therefore employees become more accountable and responsible for time management. By improving the accountability for time management, employees respond differently to how their time is managed at work.

There are many well known and proficient biometric machines such as ESSL, Matrix, and many more which has strong integration with ERP software.


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