5 Reasons to Have Virtual Assistance in the ERP

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Blog posted by : Admin / 31 Jan, 2019

One is the days when People used to operate their activities on the phone by hand. In today's cutting edge technology, when Apple introduced the voice command system like Siri, people were able to set reminders, implement searches and check the weather at just one voice of command. Voice command system has started to build its presence even in construction ERP software. Voice command allows you to perform an N number of activities at a voice of command while enabling you to focus on things that highly require your attention. In today's generation voice command is reducing the usage of hands due to its agility to implement any task. There are many reasons why you should choose ERP which is inbuilt with the voice command system. Some important reasons are:

Comfortable User Experience:  ERP being like a big data system in nature, user experience becomes the essential aspect to consider while going for ERP.  Two significant benefits of using voice command technology are that the user doesn't need to go through different screens to reach the information he/she may want and doesn't need to know where does that information exists. E.g., a user can access the budget information via voice command to analyze and compare the cost against the budget. So it helps a user to access information quickly without any manual click. A user can even create a record of sales status without having to create it manually. A user can command ERP to create a mail report also and send it to the concerned person via voice command.

Enhance Decision Making: The ability of voice command to respond quickly helps a user to take timely decision while saving cost in the further proceedings. With voice command, a user can generate reports of project status, inventory availability, fund availability, and expected fund required in some short minutes. After analyzing all such reports, A user can prepare plans to increase productivity and take quick decisions for urgent circumstances for e.g., A site engineer can inform inventory manager about the inventory requirement on site while being busy on the job. So it allows you to become more decisive on many important matters.

Increase Data Visibility: Visibility into key operating data can be limited in a company due to rogue and manual processes. Therefore a user requires quick access to such information. And voice command allows you to access in-demand data. For e.g. the problem of deficit affects the entire process of business. And top-level managers have to find out outstanding receivables in ERP for construction to cover the shortage of funds. Therefore it becomes vital for the high-level manager to quickly access the data related to outstanding receivables or payables to cover deficit/surplus. A user can create such outstanding reports through voice commands and prevent the delay in business projects.

Accurate User Control: In the case of site workers or site engineers, having precise control over such employees is very crucial. And finding the location of employee manually on ERP software is a task of the hustle and bustle. With voice command, you can find any user working at any project site. As ERP is accessible via mobile ERP app, voice command lets you assign any task to any user. From user's point of view, any user can perform location-based sign in and out at a voice of command without any click. Even the procedure of filling the Daily Service Report can be undertaken via voice command. You can report to the system and report from the system based on KRAs(Key Result Area) and KPIs(Key Performance Index).

Streamline daily, and repetitive tasks: Construction ERP with proper implementation timeline and equipped with AI holds the capability to analyze your daily repetitive tasks. After examining a repetitive task, all you need to do is to command ERP to automate the regular daily task. Voice commands also let you set the reminder for any job you want to implement at any time. E.g. you want to create a purchase order for one of your clients at 4 pm, you can set the reminder by voice command, and your CRM for real estate reminds you for PO at 4 pm.

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