Take a Look at your Client’s Journey with CRM Small Business Software

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Blog posted by : Admin / 19 Aug, 2021


A software for CRM in small business generates customer insights and provides automation tools to employees for effective communication and management of clients.


Its role cannot be undermined in business-to-business (B2B) interactions especially when managing long sales cycles. Tracking customer dynamics consistently over a long period involves complex decision-making coupled with taking action at the right time.


A common myth is that only big corporations need customer relationship management software. After all, they are the ones that can afford it!

Not only do small and medium sized enterprises (SME) need it but they can afford it too!


But do SMEs really need small business online CRM?


There is a simple answer to this commonly asked question. If you deal with buyers, then you will inevitably build relationships. Any tools that would optimize relationships with your clients or customers would affect your business in positive ways, leading to more sales.


Neither the size of the business nor the number of employees matters, CRM in small business will do the heavy lifting for you!


The next thought that would pop into your head, would be-


Is CRM for SME affordable?


B2B CRM is offered in many ways. If the organization’s needs are many, then they buy the all-inclusive package with a complete suite of modules. For small organizations, an all-inclusive package may not be used to its full potential. SMEs would benefit with a few modules targeted specifically to their needs, which brings the cost down significantly.


Let us understand the buyer’s journey through CRM small business software.




Spreading awareness and simultaneously engaging with leads to prove your competence and provide technical information is the first step. 


All pre-sales executives will have access to a common source of client profiles. A consolidated single set of client information is probably one of the most powerful tools generated by a small business online CRM system. A quick read-through before engaging with the client enriches the client’s experience significantly.




A software for CRM in small business would surely be worth an investment when it comes to nurturing your leads. Relevant interactions in a timely manner would ensure sustainability, especially in the long run. The client profiles are regularly updated by sales executives and the updates are visible to authorized personnel in real time. 


For B2B customer relationship management, lead nurturing is a crucial step as the volume of customers is less but the sales cycle is long. Long sales cycles require a staggered marketing approach built for the long run. A B2B CRM solution would assist in following the path laid out by marketing strategists. 


Not only for employees but B2B customer relationship management can provide a portal for customers too. Take for instance a real estate developer. The pre-sales process can be incorporated within the B2B CRM system. Customers could log onto the system to take virtual tours, check for listings, book units, make payments and chat with service representatives. 


Integration of digital media with CRM in small business helps you keep track of client sentiment and trends. Directly engaging with clients on social media platforms would help your brand stay socially relevant and also elicit a higher recall.


Email marketing and tele calling campaigns can be run through the CRM small business software. Call a maximum number of leads with the auto dialer option and send emails to various customer groups.  




Buyer segregation can happen once leads have been tracked and their information stored on the system. They can be segregated based on their buying patterns, account type, location, sales channel and more. 


Based on the metrics, different sales strategies can be developed to target clients. Leads can be assigned to sales teams or persons on the B2B customer relationship management system to follow up on in a timely manner for maximum impact.  


CRM for SME will achieve this by setting reminders for meetings and follow-ups after creating a common workflow. Any deviations from the path can be detected through monitoring, updates and reports. 


Since CRM small business software is customizable, you need to create a workflow that resembles your data-driven sales strategy for maximum results. 




A small business online CRM system not only tells you what your customers bought and when but also what they did not buy. During the entire buying process, you will be able to extract data about where your customer stopped or turned back. This would be of immense help to the marketing team to figure out the reason. 


Based on the data provided by the B2B CRM software, the sales team can offer the client personalized service or products specifically suited to the client. Even the communication that goes through can be personalized. 


For instance, if a buyer stopped just before the payment page, most likely they are unhappy with the price. You can send a follow up email or call them to remind them. This would open up a conversation about the client’s specific expectations, which if managed, could bring back a lost lead. 


CRM for SME analytics not only shows you results for the highest performing clients, sales team and channels but also gives you a picture of how well a marketing campaign is doing overall. 




Communicating through emails and spreadsheets increases the probability of inconsistencies, delay and loss of information. With a single system that is centralized, employees will create single copies of information that can be viewed and updated by authorized employees. Client feedback and queries can be recorded continuously for further analysis. 


What you get is multiple client accounts with accurate personal details, updates on all interactions, added notes, reminders, and behavior insights with reports. 


Predictive analysis reports cannot be generated by individuals working on spreadsheets. You will need an AI integrated CRM for SME to forecast customer patterns. With this gem of data, you can manage inventory and create marketing campaigns for the future.


Despite all your effort, sometimes you may feel like the B2B customer relationship management is not working for you. At this point you need to take a pause and retrace your steps. 


A common mistake SMEs make is that they start using CRM small business software to track and manage clients but forget to leverage it to create targeted marketing campaigns. You need to continuously read system generated reports and also customize them according to your requirements. Based on real-time analytics the marketing team needs to brainstorm new strategies.


If implemented effectively, a small business online CRM system can increase lead conversions, employee productivity and company revenue. 


For a list of the many modules available for you to build lasting relationships, take a look at https://strategicerp.com/

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