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Blog posted by : Admin / 28 Jun, 2017

The human resource is the most important and critical in an organization. Hence, you need a robust and all-inclusive Human Capital Management System that takes care of human resources, payroll, recruiting and training and other important functions.

StrategicERP knows what you expect from HCM software. Hence, it comes out with unique software which offers comprehensive support for all the modules mentioned earlier and much more.

Set an example by adapting to the best and the latest!

What makes StrategicERP HCM best?

Well, first of all, it is Human Capital Management system in a true sense. With easy-to-use modules to manage HR features, payroll processing, tax and admin activities, and so on; it makes the life of your HR team easy.

Payroll Software makes the payroll processing a matter of few clicks. Once the configuration parameters are set, there is minimal human intervention needed.

Keep your HR officials free from the mundane tasks of leave processing, expense management, allowances and Income Tax declaration. Let them do something more valuable.

With comprehensive transactional and MIS reports, you can systematically manage statutory and legal formalities.

It cuts down the costs and efforts and makes your HR more efficient. Make your organization smart and paperless and achieve better, collaborative decision-making.

It is available on multiple platforms

StrategicERP offers a flexible, multifaceted HRMS Software module which is available in the web and cloud-based platforms for small, medium and large businesses.

Depending on your needs and suitability, you can go for the appropriate version. It can integrate with other peripheral modules seamlessly and offers high levels of integrity and validity of data.

Installation, configuration, and creation of user access matrix are pretty simple. Migration and training activities can be carried out without any hassles.

Let the HCM system by StrategicERP be the torchbearer of technological excellence in your company.

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