StrategicERP transits you smoothly through RERA and GST regime

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Blog posted by : Admin / 26 Jun, 2017

StrategicERP is the comprehensive, user-friendly ERP system suitable for all types of business needs of real estate and infrastructure companies. It is far more flexible and robust than other conventional ERP systems.

It is scalable, multi-platform ERP For Real Estate that takes the productivity of your business at incredibly high levels. The ERP system not only useful from the operational perspective, but it is also in line with the proposed changes happening around.

The year 2017 is a happening year for the Real estate business as two phenomenal changes hit the chart.  After the implementation of The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) from 1st of May, we are marching ahead for the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) w.e.f. 1st of July.

Relevance of StrategicERP for RERA

As mentioned earlier, you need flexible and user-friendly ERP system to quickly adapt to the fast-moving real estate and infrastructure business.

RERA covers all commercial and residential projects across India. It is aimed to protect the interests of buyers and to bring fairness in the real estate transactions. It also ensures timely execution of projects which is beneficial for consumers and real estate providers. 

To march in tune with the faster technical changes, it becomes essential to use smart Infrastructure Software like StrategicERP. It incorporates the change in the operating scenario quickly, and your business remains acquiescent to the rules and regulations.

Since every communication is digitally recorded and it becomes a valid proof in case if any legal complication, ERP system becomes a useful tool for real estate and infrastructure business.

Email notifications, messages and cloud content make the resolution easy. Any changes or update in the information needs to be done digitally, and the consent has to be obtained in the system.

Thus, StrategicERP makes your business 100% compliant to RERA.

StrategicERP and GST

StrategicERP helps you in registering for GSTN and updating the relevant information about your clients and suppliers in a user-friendly manner. You can check the migration status online based on several search criteria.

As it becomes mandatory to reconcile every sale and purchase invoice after implementation of GST, you need automated reconciliation process. Now you can have instant access to the reconciliation and mismatch report.

You have access to all formats of GST and it is possible to file GST return automatically. All our relevant modules are already GST compliant. By using the Statutory Management module, you can have an instant access to GST returns and other formats.

StrategicERP tells you about filing and uploading returns and issues alerts as per schedule. It reduces the risks and improves profitability. You lead the niche and become an example for others.

It is the one and only ERP For Real Estate which brings everything that is necessary to make you GST ready.

When the business surroundings change at such an enormous pace, you can’t afford to be technically laggard. Adopt comprehensive Infrastructure Software like StrategicERP and get accustomed with the changed environment quickly.

Be the leader, not follower!

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