Keeping your business alive during Social Distancing emergencies with Cloud ERP!

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Blog posted by : Admin / 31 Mar, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak disrupting everyday life and delivering a major blow to the corporate and industrial world, businesses are worried about staying afloat. During these times of turmoil and worrying about the future of your business, we want to give you the good news that your business can carry on even in these turbulent times, and do so with efficient ERP systems!

Technology is the gift that has constantly and consistently been giving to the human race beyond our wildest dreams. When it comes to dealing with times of social distancing and quarantines as well, Technology does not let us down. With the kind of technology available to us today, it would be foolish for anyone to give up on business operations because of such hurdles.

At StrategicERP, our motto is ‘Leveraging the best of technology’. The entire range of our solutions is designed around this motto. We enable businesses to make the most of technology to optimize their productivity and boost their profitability by leveraging technology to the maximum. Today, we want to help you to keep your business alive during these times of social distancing and quarantines.

The key to tackling and overcoming this issue is obviously working remotely. But remote working is often looked at with a lot of scepticism. When it comes to employees working from home, a lot of businesses are worried about productivity, resource utilisation and so on. This is where technology offers an Ace!

ERP solutions equipped with the latest technologies help you to address all problems related to employees working from a remote location.

Work allocation: A capable ERP solution will allow you to allocate assignments/projects to individual employees or teams in the system. You can set deadlines, project milestone dates, as well as other predetermined factors for the assignment. Project managers and supervisors can also be accordingly assigned to these projects so that they may get a real-time progress view.

Track assignment progress: Advanced ERP solutions such as ours allow you to track assignment progress, thereby helping you to stay informed of employee productivity. Advanced ERP solutions also provide daily reports for projects that will help you stay on top of things. You can thus track employee productivity and human resource utilisation.

Collaboration: Capable ERP solutions such as ours have provisions in the system to have team members, supervisors, and subordinates assigned to each other, so as to easily get in touch with the concerned person through inbuilt IMs for effective collaboration. Apart from this, you can also share files through the ERP system for smoother collaboration.

How StrategicERP will help you tackle such emergencies and manage to sustain your business:

Expedited Cloud Migration: We recognise the urgency in a situation such as this, as even the least amount of time lost affects a business greatly. Hence, our team puts a great deal of effort into making sure that Cloud Migration is carried out in a swift manner, so as to ensure a speedy resuming of your business operations. Our team makes sure that your business operations are moved to the cloud in minimal time and business operations can resume at the earliest.

Complete Mobility - Work from any device: With mobile and web-based solutions such as ours, there are virtually no limitations to when and where you can access the system as long as you have a working network connection and a web-enabled device. Even a smartphone with a GPRS connection is enough to access the system with our solution.

Mobile ERP App, Partner App, and Customer App: Our mobile ERP app makes life easier with smooth and effortless access to the ERP system. Our Partner App and Customer App will help your Partners and Customers stay informed and updated with all the necessary information.

Online Implementation: We understand that this is a time that is perfect for you to upgrade to a cloud and web-based solution. With an absolute necessity for remote working where employees can work from home to ensure the safety of themselves and that of others, this is the ideal time for you to implement a solution like ours. Accordingly, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our solutions are deployed and at your disposal at the earliest, and hence are equipped to implement our solution online.

Online Training: If you are worried about how your employees will be trained to use the solution as the majority of the world is in lockdown mode right now, we have great news to take away your fear. Our complete training courses are available online, so this will not impede you from enjoying the benefits of our ERP solution.

How StrategicERP will help you to grow your business even in times of social distancing:

Once you adopt a solution such as ours, not only will you have the benefits of cloud mobility, but also the various ways in which it helps grow business with the help of the latest technology.

  1. Automated Lead Distribution

  2. Smart Chatbots

  3. Automated Reporting

  4. Sales Team Optimisation

So remember, you don’t have to let the COVID-19 pandemic or any other emergency impede your business. You can not only keep your business alive and kicking during such times but also continue to grow your business during such times.

Read all about how the Sales Automation that our solution provides, will help grow your business here.

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