4 Key Benefits of Mobile ERP for Construction Business

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Blog posted by : Admin / 01 Aug, 2018

Today’s employees are not confined to their desks in office. More so in construction business, where managers are constantly on the move. To stay productive and avoid delays in making crucial decisions, managers are increasingly preferring anywhere, anytime access to business data on their device of choice right from laptop, mobile to tablet.

In this always-on, fast moving business environment, deskbound construction ERP software is not proving to be good enough. A mobile-based construction ERP solution is no longer ‘good-to-have’ but a ‘must-have’ for businesses to stay responsive in a hyper-connected marketplace.

Let’s look at why a mobile-based construction ERP software is a necessity for modern businesses and how it lets you be on the top of your game:

  1. Faster Approval Process: Many of the businesses have time and again reported lag in the decision making process due to the unavailability of managers in office. The approval/ decision gets held up as the manager has limited access to business-critical information. Mobile-based construction ERP system sends alerts to notify the managers, who can give their approval or go-ahead from anywhere, right from their mobile device. Simple processes, such as approving purchase orders or expense reports can now be done on the move, which minimizes delays.
  2. Increased Operational Efficiency: In construction business specifically, mobile-based construction ERP solution makes a lot of sense, given the amount of time employees spend travelling between branch offices, construction sites, etc. For instance, a project manager or construction engineer spends more time on the building site than in office. With information available at their mobile device, they are better equipped to handle any requirement for labour, materials and equipment. Say for example, a labour is taking a leave for the day or there is a need to purchase more material, they can get the information instantly and take appropriate measures to keep the project on the deadline.
  3. Faster Decision Making: In construction business, time is of utmost essence. Any lag from any department results in ripple effect and in turn leads to significant delays in project completion. Mobile Construction ERP software speeds up the entire decision making process as one can now access all the crucial information at the click of a button. This especially holds true for the top management, as they can now analyze productivity reports, project status, etc., while on the move, which helps them to remain updated with the current status even while not in office. Empowered with this knowledge, the manager can make decisions right on the spot, giving the much needed agility to stay ahead of the pack in the stiff competition.
  4. Complete Visibility: In construction business, status is dynamic and ever-changing. With mobile-based ERP for construction business, the employees can check all the information regarding manpower, materials and equipment from whenever, wherever. Full visibility into the project’s progress at every stage right from department to individual level boosts the overall productivity and minimizes any delays to the project.

The key to selecting the best construction ERP system for your business is shortlisting only those platforms that work seamlessly across all devices right from desktop to mobile. Looking ahead, the number of devices that need to sync with ERP are only set to increase. To ensure optimal results, select a provider that is future-ready and has a strong, tech-savvy leadership team.

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