Power of Technology Developed by IITians. StrategicERP.

StrategicERP Software Platform for Start-to-end process automation, information management system customized for Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Industry. The product owes its cutting edge to its core technology development team from IIT. StrategicERP user interface is completely Cloud-based, LAN supported & Mobile-based application that is far more flexible compared to conventional ERP systems offered by branded players.

Ease The Process, Get The Progress

Expand The Visibility And Control Of Your Business Process With StrategicERP

Investment in urban infrastructure is estimated to be USD 650 billion over the next 20 years. The market size of India's Real Estate market is expected to be valued at USD 180 billion by 2020. The market size of India's Construction Industry is forecasted to be USD 1 trillion by 2025.

The numbers itself defines the potential growth of the construction industry in India. The ongoing expansion of Construction Industry across India fills the enthusiasm in every one of the construction company to grow as a dominant player in the Construction market. While taking any project, you have to go through the various process of the project lifecycle such as project initiation, project planning, project monitoring, project control, and project closure. You have to consider several factors such as budget, the real cost, team members, materials, and resources required.

The general phenomenon of any project is that the more you dig, the more requirements you will discover in your business process which makes it very wide.


“Where there is an expansion of the business process, there is the arrival of new challenges”

“Solve the challenges and move one step forward over your competitors with the help of StrategicERP software solutions”

What We Do

StrategicERP software is specifically designed and developed for the construction industry by taking several things into account like sound communication between departments, data entry, inventory management, financial recording, data sharing, to-do task and many more. We have 10+ years of experience in the construction project management with development of our construction ERP software. We hold the ability to identify the ongoing challenges in the construction project management and solve the same with our construction ERP solution.

What Makes Our Construction ERP Software The Must Buy Product?

  • Free Online Demo: One of the valuable thing about StrategicERP is its free online demo of construction ERP software that puts you in the platform wherein you can actually imagine the functioning of our ERP software in your construction project lifecycle. You get to relate the benefits of our ERP software to your project.
  • Easy Understanding and Streamlining of Data: Sometimes, during the execution of a construction project, simultaneous tasks are needed to be done at the same time which creates chaos in the current working environment of the project. StrategicERP software ensures that your data is easily accessible, shareable, and readable to all the concerned departments. It will help your team to execute multiple tasks at the same time with ease and comfort.
  • Advanced with Artificial Intelligence System: StrategicERP software is developed with an Artificial Intelligence system that works like a natural human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence System automatically analyses the user's experience, sequences, and instructions to form patterns in data to come up with realistic decisions in the future. Our Artificial Intelligence system eliminates human intervention which can help you to invest more time in productive aspects of your construction project.
  • Yearly Upgradation in The User Interface: We believe that timely upgradation in the user interface is crucial to solving the new problems occurring in the project and make the business process as more efficient as possible. Updating the user interface will improve the productivity and bring new features which will take your construction project towards the journey of successful implementation.

Our Strength

  • Development on propriety framework- J2FX on Java (Auto-Programming)
  • Platform independent application; works on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Holistic and consistent experience on tablets and mobile phones
  • Integration of alert management with SMS and Email
  • Flexible workflow management for better control
  • Built-in compliance with the latest financial guidelines
  • 360 degree solution and proven 100% implementation success rate
  • Accomplished 80+ successful implementations across India
  • Complete solution for construction industry with tested & proven 29 ERP modules
  • Considered among the best ERP systems in India
  • StrategicERP for Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure Industries developed after in-depth research on these sectors
  • High Performance – 1000 users and 250 projects = benchmark tested and working at our customer’s site.