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StrategicERP partnership program offers three distinct partnership options each tailored for specific business needs of enterprise, small to medium businesses, SME’s to individual entrepreneurs. StrategicERP looks forward to extend and sustain business partnerships with those who want to be at the vanguard of ERP Technology.

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StrategicERP Partnership Program

Our Referral program is easy, flexible, and completely free to join. If you have a strong presence among small businesses owners , joining our Referral program is a great way for you to generate additional income. Start making the most out of your network! There's no monthly quota although you do need to maintain one sale per year. We provide professional pages, links, and banner ads—you can utilize as many as you want to share StrategicERP with your network. We'll also send you an online lead registration form, so you can enter leads that come from offline sources.

Many of our past successes have begun as referrals from our partners and business associates. As a result, we maintain a highly active Sales Partnership Program that provide individuals and companies with well defined processes and incentives for working with Contingent to generate new and profitable business together. we believe we have also fundamentally improved the value of a sales partnership for you.

The StrategicERP Solution Partner Program will help you integrate your solutions with StrategicERP world class architectures and technologies and navigate the increasingly complex world of selling and delivering integrated solutions to customers. Our program puts you in the driver’s seat. From capturing market opportunities to helping customers achieve their business outcomes. To qualify,you must provide StrategicERP Compatible solutions and offer dedicated support.

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