Custom Made for Real Estate Industry.

ITAAKASH StrategicERP has launched a brand new CRM software - ‘Real Estate CRM V.19.2’ for Real Estate SME's. This is a web and mobile-based end-to-end CRM solution that is designed specifically to meet the needs of Real Estate Developers. It automates everyday sales tasks and facilitates better customer service, enhanced communication and more for Real Estate and Construction Industry SME’s. It is sure to deliver quick and higher ROI to Real Estate SME’s.

StrategicERP has designed this software specially for the Real Estate industry to enable organizations to move to a faster and more efficient method of managing client relationships and boost sales by leveraging technology. CRM for Real Estate enables organisations to know their customers better and helps to form new sales strategies accordingly. This B2B CRM software set up on cloud technology with user-friendly dashboard enables improved analytics and best possible lead conversion rate.

It facilitates storage of leads with the necessary information, timely follow up of potential leads, increase in ROI with lead analysis and identifying prospect needs. It ensures agility and productivity in your daily sales tasks. Strategic following up of leads enabled through analytics with this tool will boost sales.

Imperative business functions covered under our modules

Each module covers a wide array of crucial business functions. Below is an account of a few significant functions covered under each module

ERP Admin

Supervision and direction of all administrative functions of the organisation.

  • Creates Master setup for companies
  • Creates users and manage password
  • Defines statutory setup for companies

Pre Sales

All activities building up to and preparing for the pitch and sale of the product.

  • Helps define Project & Subproject details like total sale area, basic rate, floor rise rate & payment schedule
  • Maintain the records of enquiries received through tele-calling and other sources
  • Helps track the follow-up progress


All functions that directly or indirectly support sales.

  • Manages all Sales activities such as creation of the customer record in the database, allocation of unit collection of receipts, allocation of car parking etc.
  • Manages all post-sales activities like sales follow up, cancellation of unit, transfer of unit, refund etc.
  • Maintain records of Mortgage

Post Sales

Ensuring the discharge of necessary tasks after a sale is done as well as a pleasant experience for the customer after the point of sale.

  • Manages all post sales activities such as follow up, agreement, possession, cancellation, & transfer of unit
  • Records customer complaints
  • Generates agreement letters

System Report

Generation of all necessary reports.

  • Generates a centralized module for all reports
  • Generates reports of enquiry follow up, source wise enquiry, performance report etc.
  • Generates reports such as installment letter, demand letter, reminder letter, member finance info, Project finance info. Etc.

Add Ons

Add on services as per business requirements.

  • Ready integration with Email & SMS for bulk Email and bulk SMS
  • Integration with Click to Call for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Common platform for all channel partners throughout the organization


  • Simplified and affordable web-based CRM software
  • Compatible with OS, Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Seamless integration with mobile, email, SMS, Tally and IVR
  • Manage leads, customer data, sales and post-sales activity
  • Shorter implementation duration
  • Workflow & Dashboard visual reports
  • CRM Performance Report through mail (Exclusively for dept. Heads)

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