Harness the power of Technology for Enhanced Project Management

What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)?

A lot of people may define Project Portfolio Management (PPM) as simply the centralised management of the projects. But there is more to PPM than that. It focuses on methodologies, processes and techniques used for managing not only individual projects but also the organism that is the collection of all the projects in the pipeline.

It helps decide which project should / should not be taken up at what time based on its profitability and viability. This approach to decision making born from assessing potential returns on investments makes sure that the projects that are undertaken bear the best fruits. The systematic approach that collects all data and uses it for drawing forecasts and analysis to decide the best course of action in terms of managing the project portfolio adds great value.

While managing a number of projects, running into difficulties and complications are a certainty regardless of the level of experience and capabilities. This makes it necessary for organisations in today’s business world to be equipped with the best of the tools for project portfolio management. The right tools for project portfolio management will surely add tremendous business value.